Plymouth Stepped Permaculture Design Course

Jan to April 2018  in six 2-day chunks

Join us to learn how to design a more resilient and regenerative life, through a deeper understanding of natural systems, for the benefit of all Life on Earth.

Location: Various locations in and around Plymouth

The Permaculture Design Course is the basic course needed to give you a good grounding of permaculture and enable you to use the permaculture design process. This process can be applied both in physical, land-based settings and in social and personal situations. Expect a mix of teaching styles and interactive activities, combining indoor and outdoor classroom work. Grow your personal resilience and empowerment.


Who is it for

This course is for people who would like to obtain the skills to make robust changes to their physical and social environment. It is an good opportunity to learn with like-minded people in a supportive environment.


Dates: The course runs for 12 days from January to April in 2-day chunks

1. Day 1&2: Sat 27th & Sun 28th Jan 2018

2. Day 3&4: Mon 12th & Tue 13th Feb

3. Day 5&6:  Sat 24th & Sun 25th Feb

4. Day 7&8: Mon 12th & Tue 13th March

5. Day 9&10: Sat 24th & Sun 25th March

6. Day 11&12: Mon 9th & Tue 10th April



An introduction to permaculture
Permaculture ethics and principles
Ecological principles and observation skills
Trees, agroforestry and forest gardening
Soil, water and treatment, composting
Food, wild food and fungi in permaculture
People Care, urban permaculture, and social structures
Working in groups
Personal observation

The course includes some site visits and various practical tasks.  It looks in depth at the permaculture design process and includes a design exercise.

This course is certificated by the Permaculture Association.

Cost: full £395 / £265 concessions (e.g. means-tested benefit/full time student/low income)

Staged payments will be available if necessary

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Contact Klaudia Mob: 07816 841129, email: Klaudia