Social Permaculture Design

I have been increasingly drawn to the People Care ethic of permaculture, using the design framework, ethics and principles for personal and social designs.  When Looby MacNamara published her book People & Permaculture, I was privileged to teach the first People Care PDC (permaculture design course) with her and Stefan Geyer in 2012. Followed in 2013 by a week’s People Care Design immersion with Looby and Peter Cow.

I am one of the original members of Thriving Ways, a collective of facilitators and designers dedicated to working with natural principles to create sustainable organisations, livelihoods and projects.

I created a Social permaculture portfolio to ensure I kept up my practice of social design, which can be seen here: Social permaculture Portfolio Klaudia. I will be adding more designs but for now want to share a design that I did for the  Women’s Wild Hearth Design  camp.

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