Social Permaculture Design

I have been increasingly drawn to the People Care ethic of permaculture, using the design framework, ethics and principles for personal and social designs.  As is being acknowledged within the permaculture community, we have the practical tools and know what to do. There are many examples of land-based designs. What is proving more difficult  is dealing with our personal barriers and interpersonal skills. Permaculture design can offer a solution here.

I was privileged to teach the first People Care PDC (permaculture design course) with Looby MacNamara author of People & Permaculture, and Stefan Geyer in 2012. This was followed in 2013 by a week’s People Care Design immersion with Looby and Peter Cow.

I am one of the original members of Thriving Ways, a collective of facilitators and designers dedicated to working with natural principles to create sustainable organisations, livelihoods and projects.

I created a Social permaculture portfolio to ensure I kept up my practice of social design, which can be seen here: Social permaculture Portfolio Klaudia. Linked to that is a design for my Facilitator Pathway Design 20Aug17.

I will be adding more designs but for now want to share a design that I did for the  Women’s Wild Hearth Design camp and one for healing my Sciatica as a mind map (click on picture to see large mind map) and fuller write-up: Ease of movement Design Oct17.

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If you’d like some support for doing your social / personal designs, I teach guided design workshops and provide design coaching.