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Permaculture design

Work that Reconnects

Nature Connection and Regenerative Culture


Plant or Fire connection


Explore the diversity of opportunities to join connecting, fun and inspiring workshops. Come and share my passion for the environment and the part we can each play. Transformative, engaging and connective workshops and trainings.  Browse them all or explore a theme below.



Klaudia delivering training outsidePermaculture Design workshops

Connect with the wisdom of nature and learn to work with it to manifest what you want to in the world, from abundant land projects to thriving communities and inspiring enterprises. Come along to a workshop or longer course and be inspired.

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Nature connection and Regenerative Culture

Rediscover your bodies inherent abilities to connect with the world around it. Learn the patterns and techniques to weave this connection ever deeper into your life. Find your gifts, find your community, find yourself.

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Plant Connection or Fire Connection

Learn to connect with the abundance of the plant world, through foraging, medicine making and deep connection practices. Find your innate connection with fire, an intergral part of what it means to be a human.

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Sweat lodgeCeremony and healing

Experience and benefit from indigenous healing ceremonies, becoming rooted in this land.

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The Work that Reconnects

Gather insights and practices that builds motivation, creativity, courage and solidarity for the transition to a sustainable human culture, drawing from deep ecology, systems theory and spiritual traditions.

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'Thankyou so much for such a fabulous weekend. It has done me wonders!! My mind is buzzing with all the information and ideas and I'm wandering round my garden and thinking about all sorts of things.'
Attendee Introduction to Permaculture