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Womens Wild Hearth

A transformative retreat in nature.

When: June 2019 – exact date to be confirmed

Stop the clocks, put down your load, turn off the phone and come with us into the woods, giving yourself the gift of nature and nurture. Held in the arms of old Mother Dartmoor we will create our village, make fire, tend our hearth, cook delicious meals, and forage for wild foods.

Learn how to deepen your connection to nature and your feeling of belonging to the land.

Share crafting and laughing, story, song and sisterhood. Ancient skills, working with fire, foraging, wild medicines. Yoga, meditation and deep relaxation. Time under the stars, and the ancient practice of the sweat lodge or the moon lodge.

Who is it for? For women who would like to get closer to the wild side of nature, develop their intuition and learn some skills for practical and personal resilience. Max 20 participants.

Where: Nr Moretonhampstead, Dartmoor

Facilitators: Klaudia van Gool, Nikki Chambers, Jessie Watson Brown and Ellie Sunderland

Investment: 2019 details to be confirmed (for information the 2018 prices were – Full £410, Medium income £350, Concession £285. Early bird discount £25 by end of March, £20 each off for 2 people booking together.)

Event Summary: We are aiming to facilitate a deeper sense of belonging and comfort with the wild, through bushcraft, deep nature connection practices, crafts and support for each other as women. We will set up camp in the woods, cook over the fire, tell stories and practice yoga in the morning. This course is designed with teachings of the 8Shields / Art of Mentoring structures.

Deep Nature Connection practices, Bushcraft skills, Group work, Craft, Ceremony, likely to include an Inipi /sweat lodge Lakota tradition.

Timing Details: tbc

Personal profiles


I have had an interest in the environment as long as I can remember and used to venture out into the fields when i was young. I worked for an environmental charity for many years, greening businesses and have taught permaculture since 2007. I did the yearlong Trackways survival training with Jessie. I work using a variety of eco-facilitation techniques, including the Work That Reconnects and eco-constellations and indigenous ceremony and connection tools, including the Inipi. I teach permaculture design, and am particularly interested in personal and social design.




I grew up in the city of Plymouth and spent a lot of my childhood on the moors and by the sea – the start of a love affair with spending time in nature. As a young mum I got really into gardening and herbs. And I spent a few years at Cornwall’s Eden Project where I worked as an Education Officer, leading workshops for children and families to learn about plants through play and challenges.

Now my main work is as a yoga teacher. I teach a style that’s physically quite gentle, and love to bring in an awareness of the seasons and the elements, using the energies of the earth and the sky to align ourselves and help us reach a place of peace, balance and connection. I invite women to approach this practice from a place of presence and self-nurture, coming home to our bodies and following what feels good. And I especially love leading guided deep relaxation.

I also love to sing and share stories.

Nikki runs Moonsisters, a 13 moon programme of womb yoga, yoga nidra and moontime wisdom.


jessie 3


Jessie is on a path of rewilding, reconnecting, reskilling and remembering. Weaving together a deep reskilling through making and crafting using natural materials, with immersing herself in the natural world and learning the ways of our ancestors. She has a deep fascination with the personal healing that can occur within this journey, and opportunities to meet oneself and the earth in ever deeper ways.

Jessie’s love of nature and our earth began young, growing up in the Devon countryside. After being disappointed by the disconnection of her Environmental Science Degree, she returned to the Devon soil to work at Embercombe. Here she began beekeeping, horticulture, facilitating on a number of programmes and a deepening journey of nature connection. A year of bushcraft training with Trackways further supported this, with a survival quest opening her eyes fully to the abundance of the earth. She has since been deepening this journey, as a student with Lynx Vilden learning primitive skills and wilderness immersion, and then, independently for a month with 3 others in the forests of Sweden. Jessie runs camps for hide tanning and wilderness skills.



Inspired by a strong connection to the land, and a desire to share this with others, Ellie has been exploring work that sustains a lively emotional connection to the natural world. It is her intention that creating spaces for people to shine and be themselves will be a catalyst for personal and environmental change. In offering opportunities that encourage enquiry and inspiration through engagement with the natural world and the experience of being in community, she hopes that this work will contribute to a more sustainable, earth cherishing culture.

Ellie grew up on the Blackdown Hills in Somerset where she formed her wonder and love of the Earth by playing outside in nature. Ellie has a degree in the creative arts and brings a skillful passion to supporting people to engage in creative activities and imaginative play outdoors. She continued to deepen her relationship with nature when training with Wildwise on ‘Call of the Wild’ – A Foundation in Experiential Environmental Education at Schumacher College. She has since worked as an artist, environmental educator and bushcraft instructor with children, young people and adults inspired by the work of Jon Young and the practice of mentoring.



‘This gathering was more wonderful than I could have ever imagined. The knowledge, skill, healing and sisterhood will stay with me forever. This was an amazing and profound time. It healed wounds that have stayed with me for years. It is a primal and essential time for every woman. Incredible and hugely nurturing time – the best retreat I could ever imagine.’ Bex

‘So so much! I really felt how thoughtfully put together the whole week was. The team was the most consistently enthusiastic, competent and experienced anyone could wish for. The love of what you’re doing came through so strongly from all four of you. Although I knew I wanted to spend time in a women-only group and felt it was important, I had no idea quite how important and profound an experience it would be.’ Katz

I felt encouraged and supported to push my boundaries.The balance of sacredness, ritual and craft was wonderful.’ Milly

For me it was like coming home and my spirit is crying out to move into the wilderness… the camp opened my eyes and showed me how I can shift my physical life, ever so slightly, and yield to my wild side which I have been in touch with for a long while.

Such love and kindness I have not experienced before

I feel very different after coming back from the course

All four of you facilitators brought something unique…as well as collectively fitting together like a jigsaw…you were all fair, without judgment, open, supportive and loving…with all of these ingredients makes for perfect teachers and hosts…which you were

I was really blown away by the whole gorgeous experience…from this magnificent short journey in Mother Dartmoor I have changed form that moment…I understand myslef, women and what nature can truly give…the love flowed like a river throughout the days in the camp…each moment felt so right for me …I was utterly present…you are all wonderful women…I feel honoured to have crossed your paths in this lifetime and thank you form the bottom of my heart for what you have given…don’t change a thing

The facilitation on every front was wonderful, inspiring, very well held

It is essential work, it really met me 100%

Having a circle of supportive women and a nurturing environment where I felt like I was able to share, be emotional able disclose freely.




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