Sweat lodge

Inipi, sweat lodge building and facilitation

Reconnect and heal in a traditional Inipi ceremony

Invite me to come and build and hold a sweat lodge ceremony on your land or use an existing sweat lodge.

The Inipi (meaning Life Within) is the native American Lakota form of the sweat lodge: a ceremony in a hand-built, wooden structure covered by blankets. Stones are heated in a fire, placed inside the structure and water poured over them to create steam. Sweating in a controlled way in a ceremonial setting can bring about healing and a deeper sense of connection, to bring ourselves back into balance.


Sweat lodge

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This ceremony provides healing for our body, mind, heart and spirit. The Inipi is an advanced connection practice; a way to get in touch with ourselves, connect with others and the natural and spiritual realms. The Inipi allows us the opportunity to stop the mind chatter, connect to fire, water, stone and air and reach a place of internal balance and peace.

Offering this traditional Lakota ceremony is part of a journey of refinding and recreating our own ceremonies indigenous to these lands and offering healing and reconnection experiences in the process.

Who is it for? Inipi are suitable for anyone who is looking for healing and reconnection.

Investment: No money will be charged for the actual ceremony part but an exchange towards organising, facilitation, costs and building is suggested.


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