Work in harmony with nature and her wisdom to manifest your visions and goals, whether for abundant vegetable gardens or thriving community groups and everything in between.


What is Permaculture?
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  • Permaculture is a design system, which can be used for any project.
  • It is based on observing and understanding the amazing workings of nature and applying the same principles to our thinking and projects
  • It has an ethical footing, so it’s only permaculture if it considers: Earth Care, People Care and Fair Shares / or Future Care.
  • Some key principles include:
    • Working with nature, not against it – which could be interpreted as widely as ‘going with where the energy is’.
    • There is no ‘waste’ in nature – thinking about how we meet the needs of a system from within the system
    • Everything is connected – based on systems theory, it is all about how & what we connect together to make things work effectively.


How could I use it?

Working with the natural flow requires much less energy and has far more abundant results. If you want to live in harmony with the Earth and the other beings on it then permaculture is a fantastic philosophy and set of tools to really manifest that in your life. The most well known application is for creating abundant food production spaces (from a window box to a farm) that require minimal input. Permaculture is equally useful for social projects such as creating ethical and successful social enterprises and for personal projects such as moving towards thriving, healthy versions of ourselves.

The design process can uses different pathways. One of these design frameworks starts with goal setting & visioning, then survey: what have you got already (resources, skills), what are the limits (we love to design solutions around our limits). We then work with the natural principles to create solutions.

There are many ways to engage…

Join a course and learn for yourself


Get my support as a project design consultant


Become my apprentice on the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design


Permaculture courses

I have been teaching permaculture since 2007, in particular the Permaculture Design Course, which is the internationally reconised introduction to permaculture. I also offer weekend introductions and specialist courses such as People Care focussed design courses.

Permaculture teaching

Permaculture design consultancy

If you need a permaculture design I can work with you, both for physical (land-based) and invisible (non-land-based / personal / social) designs. I’m happy to work with a group and facilitate the design process and work with individuals as a design coach.

Diploma tutoring

I am a tutor for the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design, which is a self led learning journey in which you create a portfolio of at least 10 designs with support from experienced tutors, like myself, who support you in your journey of learning the art of permaculture design and meeting the requirements for accreditation.


Find out more

I am going to be adding some permaculture resources to this page. In the meantime if you’re interested in how to apply permaculture to social, personal life settings, have a look at the social permaculture page. Or explore the principles coined by permaculture co-originator David Holmgren. There is also lots of information, other course listings and ways to connect with the network via Permaculture Association  and Permanent Publications.