Permaculture courses

I teach a variety of permaculture and related courses:

Permaculture Design Course:

The standard, internationally recognised, 2-week (72+ hours) course, covering the basics of permaculture, principles, ethics and the design framework & practice, plus a variety of special subjects including: soil, water, sustainability, systems theory, urban permaculture,  real wealth, personal permaculture, group tools and social permaculture etc.


Introduction to Permaculture:

This course runs over 2 days.
You will get to know some basic permaculture principles and design.

Course outline
Day 1: Introduction, ethics, principles: basic ecology, multiple functions, stacking, everything cycles/outputs – inputs,
Sunday: Observation, zones, sectors, surveying, design process

Day 2: Includes practicals and other outdoor activities where possible.
A short wild food walk is always included.


People Care Permaculture

Permaculture design for the self and our communities. This course will enable participants to confidently apply Permaculture design tools to personal and social settings. We will explore the role of nature connection in resourcing ourselves, our creativity and our design process. Expect to discover more about yourself, through the use of our various observation tools.



Bespoke courses about related subjects such composting toilets, sustainable construction skills e.g. wattle & daub, permaculture design etc.

A one day permaculture intro is also possible, as well as a combination of intro with a strong focus on practicals, making a longer course.