Inipi, sweat lodge building & facilitation

The Inipi (meaning Life Within) is the native American Lakota form of the sweat lodge: a ceremony in a handbuilt wooden structure covered by blankets. Stones are heated in a fire, placed inside the structure and water poored over them to create steam.

This ceremony helps you to get in touch with your core self. The Inipi provides healing for our body, mind, heart and spirit.

This practice has been described as an advanced connection practice, a way to get in touch with ourselves, connect with others and the natural and spiritual realms.

In a day we can build a lodge together and hold a ceremony. There are some lodges already built to hold Inipi’s at, but if you have a place where you would like one built, do get in touch. No money will be charged for the actual ceremony part but an exchange towards costs and building is suggested.

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