Eco constellations

Ecological, social and organizational systems generate both visible and invisible dynamics. The invisible dynamics are often difficult to spot and explore and can create all sorts of blocks and entanglements.

Constellations are unique in their capacity to explore both the visible and the invisible dimensions – thus unlocking creative potential and fresh possibilities in situations which previously seemed stuck or hopeless.

This coaching technique can be used in groups or with individuals, addressing a variety of issues where new insights can be helpful. It can help to:

  • Release the creative potential of complex ecological dilemmas
  • Discover how our personal issues interconnect with bigger systemic challenges
  • Learn how to live in an increasingly complex and volatile world
  • Venture into the unknown, providing clarity and leadership in the face of uncertainty
  • Explore the big issues of climate change, food security, peak resources, water shortages, sustainability
  • Resolve conflict
  • Give a voice to the elements and species of the world which are not usually heard.
  • Discover fresh purpose and intention in our lives and work
  • Design and test environmental interventions, strategies and initiatives
  • Develop new business models – suited to living within the means of the planet eg Prosperity without Growth