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Deep nature connection and regenerative culture

Experience the culture your body evolved to live in. Connect deeply to the world around and within you.

For most of human history we lived as small clans of hunter gatherers, intimately connected to and living as part of the world around us. We spent most evenings by the fire telling stories and contemplating the stars and celebrating the seasons and other natural cycles as they turned. This is the life our bodies evolved to expect. By understanding these underlying patterns we can integrate meeting our in-built needs and expectations into our modern lives. Enabling a deep connection to ourselves, our communities and the wider natural world.


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Spending time connecting with nature, brings us a sense of peace and connection hard to find in any other way.  It supports our self-awareness and growth. Deep nature connection is key to bringing about a regenerative culture, one that that heals our personal issues and relationships and makes us feel part of this world and motivated to make it better.

There is increasing evidence that our lack of connection is at the root of environmental issues. Many health and social problems can also be attributed to a lack of connection with the natural world and our original design.

I have been connecting with this wisdom through the work of the 8 Shields Institute. I have trained in both the nature connection and regenerative culture aspects, as well as being on the Leadership Initiation Project with Sal Gencarelle which is an immersion into the ceremonial and spirit aspects that are necessary for deep nature connection and regenerative culture to be possible.

Elements of this work are incorporated in all my courses and events. Some events focus specifically on these core patterns for a healthy culture. For a deep experience see Women’s Wild Hearth, Fire or Plant connection days.