Energy Healing

I was trained in the lineage of Barbara Brennan School of Healing: Two Year Energy Healing Training in the UK covering: Infusion & Extraction; Sound Healing; Auric Surgery; Intention Alignment: Soul Retrieval; Organ regeneration; Relationship Chords; Regression; Spirit Release (Marc Blausten – 2014-2016). Originally I trained up to the third level in Reiki, about 20 years ago, but found it finally made sense after this more recent training & practice. I have conducted many healings to support people in personal healing and transformation,

What to expect:

Preceded by a consultation, a session consists of about 45 minutes of hands-on healing, sometimes working in the energy field off the body. The receiver simply lays down for the duration and relaxes. Sometimes there may be some gentle questions & guiding to enable the effectiveness of specific techniques.

Please get in touch if you’re interested in discussing this further.