Plant connection

Learn to connect with the abundance of the plant world, through foraging, medicine making and deep connection practices.


Invite me to run a workshop with your group or as part of a larger event. You provide the venue and we can co-create the theme of what you would like it to involve.


Foraging and creating herbal medicine

Invite me


Come and learn to identify some key plants and learn to make foods, medicines and other useful things. Connect with the whole of the plant being.

I have been drawn to the plant kingdom all my life, making little gardens, exploring wild flowers and learning about herbs for cooking and medicines. I love to share my passion for the amazing abundance plant beings can bring to our lives.


Who is it for? Anyone looking to deepen their connection to plants and learn more about the abundance that is available so close to our homes.

Investment: By negotiation depending on time, distance and size of group.



“I feel so happy, it’s like the excitement of meeting a new friend again. It means it worked, I did connect with the plant!! I can’t stop smiling at the plant. I feel a whole new world has opened up, full of possibilities that I am not grasping yet, and that it is waiting for me to explore it.  Thank you Klaudia for this most incredible experience!”

D.E. Women’s Wild Hearth 2018 participant

Read her full story: D.E. testimonial 1Aug18

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