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One to One Support

Reconnect. Transform. Release. Gentle personal support for revitalising your mind, body and spirit.



Energy Healing

Permaculture Diploma


Get the support you need to really thrive and to follow your hearts callings. With an abundance of different approaches in my tool box I can gently support you in your transformation towards health and happiness. Whether you want support with a health problem or to manifest a dream let me join you on that journey. You do not need to walk this path alone. We all need support on our journeys.



Find your way towards the more beautiful life and world your heart knows is possible. Get support for manifesting specific projects and for bringing joy and meaning more strongly into your life. Coaching is often primarily about talking things through and designing how to achieve your goals.

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animal magicEnergy Healing

Often it is the patterns and the blockages that we have in our energy that stop things from flowing smoothly and energy healing goes straight back to the source removing those invisible barriers and allowing transformation to occur. After an initial consultation most energy healing involves you simply lying down, relaxing and allowing yourself to receive some gentle hands-on healing

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Permaculture Diploma Tutor

I am a tutor for the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design, which is a self led learning journey in which you create a portfolio of at least 10 designs with support from experienced tutors, like myself, who support you in your journey of learning the art of permaculture design and meeting the requirements for accreditation.

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