Nature Culture Regeneration

When: 14th – 16th October 2016

Where: Near Moretonhampstead, Dartmoor

Facilitators: Peter Cow, Chris Holland, Kerry Lane, Klaudia van Gool and Rebecca Card, alongside a team of inspiring nature connection facilitators.

Investment: £125 low/no waged, £155 waged, £195 abundantly waged.

Course Summary: 

An experiential weekend for adults, introducing the wisdom of the 8 Shields through deep nature connection and creative cultural activities. Participants will get to experience what it is like to be in a thriving, nature connected community that creates a safe space for everyone to be fully themselves. We all share the same blueprint of what we need to feel wholly connected to life, this weekend creates that space for connection. It is inspired and informed by the Art of Mentoring and the 8 Shields and is part of a movement to grow regenerative cultures around the world.

Language: English

Full Course Details

This weekend is designed to support your genius to shine.  It is aimed for those who are already awake to the natural world and who recognise the necessity to deepen their relationship to it – not simply as a way to feel good for a couple of days, but by finding ways of sustaining this relationship through deepening these connections with nature, with ourselves and with each other.  By doing this we will find regenerative patterns to be in community in ways that meet our original longing, our birthright, our instinctive need to be part of ‘the village’.

We will be using the 8 Shields map as developed from indigenous wisdom across the globe by Jon Young and a team of integrated and experienced nature awareness facilitators and elders in the U.S. We will be learning by being as well as by doing.  We aim to encourage an embodied journey of nature-based and culture-nurturing practices – some of which will be individual and some in groups.

There will be two simultaneous programs for adults:                                                                                                                                                                                         1. Program 1 is for first-time participants and 2. for previous participants and others with 8 Shields experience including AoM Ring 1.*

Who is it for?

Adults who want to grow their connection to nature, others and themselves and to spread that connection out into the world around them.

For bookings and enquiries contact Rebecca 07960 520128.