Meeting & Making Fire

A day of fire making & connection.

When & Where:

Mon 2nd April (Easter Monday), Wed 2nd May 2018 9.30-16.30 at Heathercombe, Dartmoor

Mon 9th July, Mon 3rd Sep 2018 9.30-16.30 at Deerheart park, Pontrilas, Herefordshire

Making a fire successfully every time, whatever the weather. Develop a deeper connection with fire.

A day of deep discovery of the art and practice of fire . Starting with the basics of what type of kindling and wood – you will be shown how to light the fire with matches, lighter, steel spark and bowdrill and keep it going.

Successful fire-making is a mixture of common-sense, skills through lots of practice, and a bit of science and magic thrown in for luck. Get the knowledge skills and confidence to make fire, again and again.

Deepen your connection with fire and yourself through a short fire quest.

Whether you are a complete beginner or just looking to take your fire-making to another level, this will be both a real hands-on day as well as deeper connecting experience.

Cost: Full £65  Concession £40, taught in a small group

Booking temporarily by email

Also available as a full day of personal tuition and support £150