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Are you feeling stuck? Is life overwhelming? Are things just not flowing however hard you try? Any of these could be transformed through energy healing. Often it is the patterns and the blockages that we have in our energy field that stop things from flowing smoothly and energy healing goes straight back to the source removing those invisible barriers and allowing transformation to occur.


What you can expect

Sessions can be tailored to your personal needs. If we haven’t worked together before then we will start with a consultation to find out what your needs are and what you would like to focus on. Once we are clear and comfortable then a healing session consists of about 45 minutes where you simply lie down, fully clothed, relax and allow yourself to receive some gentle hands-on healing. Sometimes I will be working in the energy field, off the body and there may be some gentle questions & guiding to enable the effectiveness of specific techniques. Energy healing is gentle and therefore suitable for anyone who wants support.

I have conducted many healings to support people in personal healing and transformation. I was trained in the lineage of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing with a Two Year Energy Healing Training. This covered many techniques. Generally during our consultation it will become clear what is needed and the best way of approaching that. If you are looking for something specific then the range of techniques I am experienced in are: Infusion & Extraction, Sound Healing, Auric Surgery, Intention Alignment, Soul Retrieval, Organ regeneration, Relationship Chords, Regression and Spirit Release. I am also trained in Reiki, coaching and eco-constellations, which I can bring to our sessions when it is appropriate.