NCR flyer

Nature Culture Regeneration

Experience a whole and supportive culture in a nature-connected ‘village’ . 

When: 19th – 21st October 2018

Start: Arrive 4pm Friday for a 6pm start
End: 4pm Sunday

Where: Near Moretonhampstead, Dartmoor

Facilitators: Peter Cow, Rebecca Card, alongside a team of inspiring nature connection facilitators.

I will be co-facilitating ‘the Return’ programme, for participants who have already been on ‘The Village’.

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Permaculture workshops

Introduction to Permaculture

Discover Permaculture design – a toolkit for positive action for a sustainable life and future.

When: 2nd – 3rd February 2019   9.30-17.00

Where: Devon Business & Education Centre, Lower Tale, Payhembury, Honiton, Devon, EX14 3HL

Permaculture can be used to design your life to be more sustainable and closer aligned to nature. Come and get a basic understanding of this ethical design system, using the principles of nature, working with nature, not against it. Get a flavour and experience this crucial tool for designing a more sustainable life.  In partnership with Royston Farm, a practical permaculture site for social projects and Devon Business & Education Centre.

This is an amazing thinking and design system can change your life.

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Sitting in circle in the sunshine

Womens Wild Hearth

A transformative retreat in nature.

When: June 2019 – exact date to be confirmed

Stop the clocks, put down your load, turn off the phone and come with us into the woods, giving yourself the gift of nature and nurture. Held in the arms of old Mother Dartmoor we will create our village, make fire, tend our hearth, cook delicious meals, and forage for wild foods.

Learn how to deepen your connection to nature and your feeling of belonging to the land.

Share crafting and laughing, story, song and sisterhood. Ancient skills, working with fire, foraging, wild medicines. Yoga, meditation and deep relaxation. Time under the stars, and the ancient practice of the sweat lodge or the moon lodge.

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Plant connection

Learn to connect with the abundance of the plant world, through foraging, medicine making and deep connection practices.


Invite me to run a workshop with your group or as part of a larger event. You provide the venue and we can co-create the theme of what you would like it to involve.


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Sweat lodge

Inipi, sweat lodge building and facilitation

Reconnect and heal in a traditional Inipi ceremony

Invite me to come and build and hold a sweat lodge ceremony on your land or use an existing sweat lodge.

The Inipi (meaning Life Within) is the native American Lakota form of the sweat lodge: a ceremony in a hand-built, wooden structure covered by blankets. Stones are heated in a fire, placed inside the structure and water poured over them to create steam. Sweating in a controlled way in a ceremonial setting can bring about healing and a deeper sense of connection, to bring ourselves back into balance.


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