Online Permaculture Design Course by women

The Permaculture Women’s Guild presents the first-ever online permaculture design course taught by all women, with added emphasis on the social and emotional applications of permaculture.

I’m privileged to be part of a team of over 40 female permaculture experts from around the world. Our team offers over 400 years of combined experience to bring you the most diverse, comprehensive, and socially-responsible permaculture design course in the world. Although written by women for women, men are also welcome.

I wrote the module on Microclimate. Get a flavour of it in this blog

I have three courses to give away for £100 (normal price €600). Apply to me direct with why you think you are the person for this and what you hope to do with what you learn.

More information and booking 

Or contact me direct if you’d like to have a chat about it.

Classes start anytime after April 1st, go at your own pace, take up to a year to finish.

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Regenerative Teams & Projects, the 8 Shields Model

An opportunity to explore new ways of highly connected and effective working within any group or team and for any meetings and events.

When: 26th April 2018, 9.00-16.00

Where: Reconomy Centre, Totnes

The 8 Shields model uses activities, archetypes and roles based on natural cycles and indigenous wisdom. It supports individuals, groups and events to really come alive, creating a connective and wholistic field that meets us more fully.


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Permaculture & Ceremonial Design for Entrepreneurs

When: 24th May 2018, 9.00-16.00

Where: Reconomy Centre, Totnes

An opportunity to bring a project or issue you’d like to do some work with. You will get a new perspective and generate solutions. You will come away with a clearer vision and some guidance from nature and the principles of permaculture on how to achieve that vision. This will be achieved through a facilitated permaculture design process. This process will be held within a ceremonial framework.


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Ribwort Plantain – Plantago lanceolata

Another favourite, as it’s another very common weed, yet so useful as a medicine and food. The best thing for stings, from bees to nettles. Also good for deep cuts and as a tea for coughs.

Somewhat inconspicuous and by some confused with grasses, as they hide amongst them, I’ve been struck by the simple beauty of the flowers as they emerge from the rosette for leaves.

Its seedheads remain for most of the winter providing food for Goldfinches and other seed-eating birds.

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Elder – Sambucus nigra

The Elder gives us the beautiful elderflower, great for cordial and elderflower ‘champagne’ and my favourite, the dried flowers used as a tea, especially good in winter. It brings a feeling of spring and warming comfort for colds. The Elderberry strengthens our immune system and is recommended at the onset of colds. Good as a syrup, it also makes a great jam and can be dried to use as tea.

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