Social Permaculture Design

Work with the wisdom of nature to create a healthy life and thriving social and personal projects.

An exciting and growing area in permaculture design is applying the permaculture tools to people-focussed designs, recognising that we thrive when we are following the natural patterns and principles.

There are many examples of land-based permaculture projects, where the main challenges are dealing with our personal barriers and the relationships between people. It is being increasingly recognised within the permaculture community that we have the practical tools to find solutions here too.

For example a idea used permaculture principle is to plug energy leaks. In a personal situation this might apply to looking at where your energy is being wasted in activities that you don’t need to be doing or that could be done more efficiently. In a social situation it could refer to the skills and energy of the people involved that are not being used to their full, so are currently a waste of potential. Change in both of these examples would create systems that are much more abundant and healthy.

There are many ways to engage with social and personal permaculture…

Join a course and learn for yourself


Get my support as a project design consultant


Become my apprentice on the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design


Permaculture courses

I have been increasingly drawn to the People Care ethic of permaculture, using the design framework, ethics and principles for personal and social designs.  I was privileged to teach the first People Care PDC (permaculture design course) with Looby MacNamara author of People & Permaculture, and Stefan Geyer in 2012. This was followed in 2013 by a week’s People Care Design immersion with Looby and Peter Cow. I offer specialist courses People Care focussed design courses.

Permaculture teaching
permaculture session in Lebanon

Permaculture design consultancy

If you need a permaculture design for a social or personal project I can work with you to guide you through the process. I’m happy to work with a group and facilitate the design process and work with individuals as a design coach.

Diploma tutoring

I am a tutor for the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design, which is a self led learning journey in which you create a portfolio of at least 10 designs with support from experienced tutors like myself who support you in your journey of learning the art of permaculture design and meeting the requirements for accreditation. One of my areas of expertise is in the people based designing, so if you are wanting to focus on that in your diploma then I could support you on that as your tutor.

My design work

ease of movement design mind map

I created a Social permaculture portfolio to ensure I kept up my practice of social design, which is also linked to my Facilitator Pathway Design v3 Dec18. Updates are published here when they happen.

A couple of other examples are a design that I did for the Women’s Wild Hearth camp and one for healing my Sciatica which I have as both a mind map (click on picture to see large mind map) and a full write-up.